First Day

Quite a large number of courses have an opening assignment that “introduces” students to using Blackboard and/or using the discussion board .  Of those who require an introductory assignment approximately 25% of these faculty assign a grade to this assignment.  The introductory assignment usually requires that students navigate the Blackboard site, and then post the following on either the “Discussion Board” or a Wiki:

  1. Introduce themselves, and tell the class a bit about themselves
  2. Ask a question regarding the course and perhaps respond to a question
  3. Tell the class why they registered for  the course
  4. Discuss any problems students think they may encounter.
  5. Suggestions regarding the class

The following is the first day assignment that I use for my Introduction to Psychology class:

Assignment 1: Getting to Know Everyone and Blackboard

As I indicated in class this is a hybrid course.  Courses like these require different skills in order to do well, and since I would like everyone to do well I want to make sure that you are prepared for this course.

First you will need to spend a bit of time getting acquainted with my Blackboard site.  Please keep in mind that each professor’s site is different.

After you have spent a little time on the Blackboard site, post a brief introduction of yourself and at least one question, comment, or concern you might have regarding this course on the appropriate Discussion Board[1].

Your comments, questions, or concerns could be something like, a paragraph on what you think might make your experience better, and whether or not you can foresee any problems.

Next, go and read some of what your fellow students have posted.  You must respond to at least one of your fellow classmates.

Since this is a discussion board I expect everyone to not only post, but to get involved with at least one other discussion.  That is, if you see that a fellow student is having the same problems, maybe you can make some suggestions on how the problem might be solved.

While this assignment is not nearly as difficult as the remaining assignments, I expect you to take this seriously.  Your assignment will be graded using the grading rubric found on your syllabus, so remember to make sure that your assignment is well written and adds to the discussion.

[1] Some of you, especially those of you using “Windows Vista” might not see a text box when you open the discussion board.  If you do not, then go to City Tech’s Websupport1:

Click on the topic “Missing Textbox on Blackboard” and this should solve your problem.


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