Website Evaluation Checklist

Website Evaluation Checklist







Publisher Credibility[1][2]

Author(s)/publisher are listed on the web site, are reputable, and are established in the field. Author(s)/publishers are credentialed in the field.  The page gives an e-mail address or other way to contact authors Pages do not indicate an author or publisher; however, there is a way to determine the origin of the page and the credentials of the author or institution Author(s)/publisher are not recognized in the field; institution is not established within the field. No information posted on the author or publisher.
Purpose of Site The site presents an accurate description of the topic and different viewpoints and examples are provided. It is unclear whether the information is fact or opinion.  The information is not supported via proper citation. There is evidence of bias by the author, publisher or institution sponsoring the site The site is bias and distorts, suppresses, or provides misinformation.
Content Primary source use is clear and accurate. Content is supported by data and consistent with what can be found on other sites. Primary source use is unclear. Content is mostly supported by data and is mostly consistent with what can be found on other sites Content is incomplete or comes from secondary sources and is inconsistent with other sites. Content is suspect or inaccurate. Sources are not listed and data cannot be confirmed.
Resources The author/publisher provides source of information and includes a complete bibliography or list of sources. The author/publisher references sources used, but the bibliography is incomplete. The author/publisher does not reference sources and incomplete bibliography is listed on the web site. The author/publisher does not state where his/her resources are from, nor is a bibliography listed on the site.



Revision dates are posted; postings, updates, and links are current for the topic Revision dates are posted and are mostly current for the topic. Revision dates are not current enough for the topic. Some links have expired or some pages have moved. Revision dates are not posted. Links are expired and pages have been moved.
Overall Design Very well-written, with no spelling or grammatical errors. Suitable language is used. Images, graphs or are easy to follow and enhance understanding of the text The information is easy to read, but there are minor spelling and grammatical errors.  Some language may not be suitable. Images, graphs and charts are not easily understood. Could be written better and several spelling and grammatical errors are found.  Language may not be suitable for all readers and images graphs, and charts are difficult to relate to the text. The site is poorly written and the language used is not suitable.  Images, graphs and charts add no understanding to the text.

[1] If the author or institution sponsoring the site is not readily available, try the following:

  1. If the site has a “contact us” or “about us” tab, try clicking on this area
  2. Right click your mouse somewhere over a blank portion of the page and click on “view page info” or “view page source.”  For the latter suggestion, you might have to search around a bit.
  3. Go to  and enter the name of the website

[2] Please remember that:

(1) .gov is aUnited Statesgovernment site: (2) .edu denotes an accredited college or university: (3).org is a non-for-profit-organization: (4) .com or .net is a commercial site that is created for profit or to make money: (5) .net is for network infastructures: (6) . int is an international organization

[3] Please note that revision dates are traditionally found at the bottom of the page


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