Finding a Reputable Website and History Assignment

This assignment was suggested by one of my colleagues, Peter Catapano[1] and I decided to incorporate this assignment into my “History of Psychology” assignment.  While I contracted the assignment somewhat so that I could combine two smaller assignments, this assignment can just as easily be expanded.

In addition to the instructions for the “History” assignment I ask students to “rate” the website they chose for validity (this also gives me the opportunity to provide a brief introduction to the concept of validity). The instructions for the assignment are as follows and the rubric that I use can be found by clicking on the subcategory section of this page.

Once you have found a site, use the “Website Evaluation Checklist” that can be found under course documents, to assess the cite that you used.

After you have posted your 10 pieces of information, and your bibliography sum up your ideas with regard to the validity of the site and post this information in the form of a paragraph.  At the end of your paragraph, note whether or not you believe the site to be reputable.

[1] Pete teaches U.S History and Immigration History.  He has an exceptionally well-done website that can be found at


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