Finding a Reputable Website (Stand Alone Assignment)

In addition to combining this assignment with another small assignment, “Finding a Reputable Website,” can be expanded and used as follows:

Web Evaluation Assignment[1]

Find a website on a topic that you will conduct and write your research paper on.  You can use Google or another search engine, but try to look at a minimum of three sites.

 Evaluate each of the web pages that you found using the Website Evaluation Checklist that can be found under “Course Documents” on Blackboard.

The webpage which scores the highest should then be used for your BlackBoard posting.

Your Blackboard posting:

  1. Should be titled based on the topic you chose
  2. Needs to begin with the website title and a hyperlink of the URL posted at the top.
  3. Should contain an essay of 200-250 words describing a brief summary of its contents, currency and credibility based on the Website Evaluation Checklist.  The essay should also include a statement of whether or not you will use this site as a reference for your final research paper.

[1] Please note the Web Evaluation rubric can be found under the subcategory of  “Finding a Reputable Website and History” assignment.


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