The original idea for this portion of the blog was to post different assignments that could be used by those teaching Introduction to Psychology and later, as the blog grew, to add assignments for other courses.  However when looking through the various Blackboard sites and the assignments that were posted, the idea came to me that it might be very well be possible to reformulate assignments from different disciplines so that the assignment might conform to almost any course.  For example, a good majority of all Blackboard sites contained a Discussion Board where students introduced themselves, could ask questions about the course, or required students to make a statement about what they expected from the course.  While most faculty members did not grade this type of assignment, others used this assignment as a low-stakes assignment to get students involved in using the Discussion Board.  In other cases faculty would split the aforementioned into a graded assignment where students introduced themselves and provided some other information to their fellow classmates, and a Discussion Board forum where general questions about the course could be asked throughout the semester.  This latter idea seems to be a good way to save time.  That is, instead of answering the same question to different students using email, a faculty member could answer the question once on Blackboard.

At this time, the “assignment” page is divided into two sections, a “general” page and a “psychology” page.  These two sections are further sub-divided into specific ideas for general assignments and psychology assignments.  Hopefully, as more is added to this blog, further assignment examples will become available.


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